Justin's Family

Justin and Alicen have been married for over 10 years and have two wonderful children, Kylie (8) and Jackson (6). When they are not going to a lesson, practice, or game, the Cruices enjoy going for walks through their neighborhood, playing games, and whatever else they can do together as a family.


Justin's Education

With Justin earning his Master’s of Business Administration and the PMI Project Management Professional certification earlier this year, the Cruices understand the value of hard work and the sacrifices that must be made to achieve big things. Justin could not have completed his MBA or studied for his PMP without Alicen bearing that burden with him. Through times of stress and struggle, Alicen was a never-ending source of encouragement for Justin, and the children always supported him when he had to stay up late to write a paper. Truly, the Cruices know that hard work pays off, especially when the whole family works hard together.


Justin's Work Experience

Justin is a senior implementation consultant for a software-as-a-service company providing resources for the K-12 educational environment. Having children of school age, he is passionate about his work in creating an optimal learning experience for students. Prior to his current role, Justin was a vice president of sales, a youth pastor, and a banker. He has worked in retail and education, served in a church, and volunteered in his community. In addition to his full-time job, Justin volunteers for the children’s sports teams, serves as the vice president of his neighborhood’s civic association, and participates as an active member of Grace Community Church at Wilmington.


Justin's Motivation

Justin was not seeking to become a politician, but, believing that hard work pays off, he felt he needed to become a part of the solution to Delaware’s struggles. He saw a political system where politicians were comfortable with the status quo and had no intention of listening to constituents. He saw an education system that desired to provide the best education possible for students but struggled to provide it. He struggled to move about the roads because of the failing infrastructure. He felt the fear for the Delaware in which his children would grow because of the relentless opioid epidemic. Justin voted. Justin spoke to his representatives. He received blank looks with pre-determined responses. He saw that he had no voice in the struggle to provide a beautiful future for his children in Delaware. Justin’s campaign for office is a campaign to take the real struggles of the people of District 26 and begin building solutions. As with everything else the Cruices do, they are campaigning as a family. Will you join us?