What a Country!


As I have gone out knocking doors, I have had the privilege of meeting many amazing people. In a time of division and conflict, I have found people from all ends of the spectrum have been overwhelmingly gracious and receptive. We have engaged in civil conversations, expressed our opinions, and learned from each other. 

Today, I met Sunil. As we talked, he explained that he became an American citizen this past December and the upcoming election would be his first opportunity to vote. It was so amazing to see how much this election meant to him. It was also humbling to realize he was using his precious vote to support me.

I am reminded today that I am running to add value to that vote. Our votes mean more when we have choices. Representatives must listen closely to their constituents when those constituents have the power to vote them out of office. My candidacy leverages our votes to remind Dover that we are here, we care, and our votes do matter.